The Love Project

by Valeriana Allende

Valeriana is an inspirational speaker, teacher and aspiring author who will uplift your spirit and guide you to the love and Word of God. Valeriana prays that together we can grow where we are planted, bloom where we are purposed, and maintain the integrity of our beauty within.

Vision: The Love Project was created to empower women and designed for you to realize that you are loved by God, you are valuable, you are priceless, you are respected, you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14 NIV). This blog will have specially curated inspirational quotes, thoughts, and prayers to get you through the day!

Mission: The Love Project is where you will find inspiring stories, encouraging devotions, and the expression of God’s love through His Word. The mission of this blog is to empower women while we learn to love God, love ourselves, and love others so we can live a life knowing we are valuable. 

The Love Project Copyright © 2021 Valeriana Allende. All rights reserved.

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