What Is Your Purpose In Life?

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Did you know that your purpose in life is to help others? Did you realize you are helping someone right now? Yes! By reading this article you are helping yourself! When you help yourself, you live a better lifestyle, and you can love others better too!

Do you have the desire to open a business, a restaurant, make a new investment, buy a new house, a new car, or get your degree? Did you know that any noble desire that is in your heart is given to you for a purpose to build a Kingdom for Christ? You’re probably wondering… what do I mean? 

In Philippians 2:4 says, “…not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” A business is to supply a product or service to solve a problem for someone else. A restaurant is to feed people. A new investment is to better something else that may affect you and/or someone else. A new house is to provide a new home for your family. A new car can help you get to work, and the degree towards provides knowledge for the problem that needs to be solved. You see, everything you do is a domino affect. It all effects someone or something else.

You probably didn’t think you were brave enough to move forward in any purpose or you didn’t have a purpose at all… What are you doing today, that you probably did not realize, that is actually helping someone else? I would love to see how God is using you to help someone else. Please sign in and leave your comments below!

Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made! ❤

Prayer: Thank you God for giving me a desire to help change and make an impact in this world. Thank you for trusting me to have the heart to help others. In Jesus name, amen. 


Devotional: What Is God’s Purpose For My Life? http://bible.com/r/Mv

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