The Reaction to Your Circumstance

Have you thought of how God can bless you when you give the right reaction to your circumstance?

I thought I would share with you my response to a post regarding the mindset change of a  financial mistake and how those mistakes can be stressful. The discussion was basically talking about if you were not given the right change or maybe you were overpriced for an item, don’t get upset and don’t think of it as needing to get your money back. Change your mindset and think of it as a blessing towards that particular company. (

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My response: I had my online grocery delivery stolen during this pandemic. I was upset at first because it was the budget we had to buy food. Now what are we going to do?! When I called the customer service rep and she told me this has been happening lately, our hearts broke for the family that needed the specific essentials (eggs, bread, milk, toilet paper, meat, potatoes, etc.). I just replied, “Oh my goodness, God bless that family. That’s OK.” The rep then said, “Don’t worry, we will call the store and work something out.” I just said, “OK.” My sisters and I just started praying and crying for this family (we prayed for forgiveness for whoever stole it) because these are hard times and we know they probably needed exactly what we ordered.

An hour later, to our surprise, I get a refund in my account for the groceries and then a few minutes later the store calls me to let me know that they will personally deliver my original order of groceries to my door!! My sisters and I were thankful to them, then again, started thanking God for His faithfulness. This is an action of how God can bless you when you give the right reaction to your circumstance.

I believe that our investment is the mindset and our hearts towards others. I believe that during these hard times not only is it an investment or a blessing for the stores but also to recognize the calling of compassion and prayer for others. People are always watching us as we are the representatives of Christ Jesus. God will bless you for it… I am a testament to that! ❤

I believe that our investment is the mindset and our hearts towards others.

-Valeriana Allende

Prayer: Thank you God for loving us so much that you always provide for our needs. During these hard times, help us to be a great representative of Your love and compassion. When we face hard times, help us to pray for others and see circumstances turn around. In Jesus name, amen. 

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